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Case Report

Volume 7, Number 10, October 2016, pages 435-440

A Case of Severe Fever With Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Accompanied by Self-Limiting Severe Proteinuria That Inversely Correlated With the Platelet Count


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Clinical course of the patient.


Table 1. Laboratory Findings on Admission
Urinalysis (third day)CK78 U/L
  Protein2+T-cho170 mg/dL
  Glucose-TG52 mg/dL
  Ketone bodies-TP6.8 g/dL
  Bilirubin-Alb4.3 g/dL
Blood cell countBUN24.7 mg/dL
  WBC2,500/μLCr1.09 mg/dL
  Neu78%Na139 mEq/L
  Eos0%K4.5 mEq/L
  Baso0%Cl102 mEq/L
  Mono11.40%Glucose104 mg/dL
  Lym10.60%Serological test
  RBC469 × 104/μLCRP0.0 mg/dL
  Hb15.3 g/dLHBs Ag-
  Plt12.9 × 104/μLHCV Ab-
Blood chemistryHemostatic test (third day)
  T-bil0.4 mg/dLPT11.9 s
  AST19 U/LPT%96%
  ALT17 U/LAPTT37 s
  LDH188 U/LFib307 mg/dL
  ALP231 U/LFDP5.3 μg/mL
  AMY71 U/L


Table 2. Clinical Course of Laboratory Examinations
WBC, /μL2,5001,5001,3001,1004,0003,3004,7004,9004,9004,6006,300
Hb, g/dL15.315.715.214.616.015.616.115.815.215.115.0
PLT, × 104/μL (13.1 - 36.2)
AST, U/L (10 - 35)19478618574057235026219712463
ALT, U/L (5 - 40)173248101538558435405396410301
CK, U/L (40 - 200)782709752,1316,1006,1904,3001,900975310144
BUN, mg/dL (7 - 20)24.728.520.619.216.617.
Cr, mg/dL (0.5 - 1.1)
Ferritin, ng/mL (18.6 - 261)1,258550.7


Table 3. Blood Examination Associated With Nephritis
Blood examinationValueReference range
IC: immune complex; ANA: antinuclear antibody; ANCA: anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody; RF: rheumatoid factor.
IgG, mg/dL1,007850 - 1,850Fourth day
IgA, mg/dL11390 - 420Fourth day
IgM, mg/dL6940 - 340Fourth day
C3, mg/dL11470 - 13014th day
C4, mg/dL3215 - 5014th day
IC(C1Qq), μg/mL< 1.50 - 3.0Ninth day
CystatinC, mg/L1.080.61 - 1.00Ninth day
0.9214th day
ANA< × 400 - 3912th day
C-ANCA, U/mL< 1.0< 3.512th day
P-ANCA, U/mL< 1.0< 3.512th day
RF, IU/mLUndetectable< 1514th day