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Case Report

Volume 9, Number 8, August 2018, pages 255-259

Trisomy 8-Associated Intestinal Behcet’s Disease That Achieved Complete Remission With Mesalazine


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Colonoscopy findings. (a) Before treatment, there is an actively large ulcer at the ileocecal valve; (b) at 4 months after the intake of mesalazine, ulcer scar is seen.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Cytogenetic finding. Cytogenetic analysis shows 47,XY,dup(1)(q21q32), idem+8.


Table 1. Laboratory findings upon the initial visit
  Stab neutrophil8%
  Segmented neutrophil20%
  RBC339 × 104/µL
  Hb10.0 g/dL
  MCV94.1 fL
  MCH29.5 pg
  PLT3.3 × 104/µL
Serum biochemistry
  TP7.1 g/dL
  Alb4.0 g/dL
  AST12 U/L
  ALT9 U/L
  LDH272 U/L
  γ-GTP25 mg/dL
  FBS100 mg/dL
  TCHO159 mg/dL
  TG183 mg/dL
  Crea0.66 mg/dL
  BUN9.0 mg/dL
  Na143 mmol/L
  K4.1 mmol/L
  Cl106 mmol/L
  Ca9.1 mg/dL
  CRP5.8 mg/dL
Serologic tests
  IgG1,208 mg/dL
  IgA155 mg/dL
  IgM125 mg/dL
  CH5075 U/mL
  Anti-nuclear AbNegative
  HLA B51, B27Positive