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Volume 10, Number 9, September 2019, pages 277-279

Clearing the Dust-Off Abiotrophia defectiva


Table 1. Common Infectious Causes of Culture Negative Endocarditis
Nutritional variant Streptococci
Coxiella burnetii (Q fever)
Bartonella species
Chlamydia species
Tropheryma whipplei
Legionella species
Brucella species
Aspergillus species
Lactobacillus species


Table 2. Literature-Based Antibiotic Susceptibilities for ABI and GRA
IsolateTuohy et al [7], susceptibility (%)Alberti et al [8], susceptibility (%)Patel and Marchand-Austin [9], susceptibility (%)
PNC: penicillin; CTX: ceftriaxone; VANC: vancomycin; ABI: Abiotrophia defectiva; GRA: Granulicatella.