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Volume 12, Number 2, February 2021, pages 61-64

Corynebacterium striatum Cardiac Device-Related Infective Endocarditis: The First Case Report in a Patient With a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator Device and Review of the Literature


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Transesophageal echocardiogram showing the vegetation adherent to the posterior leaflet of tricuspid valve. This exam was unremarkable for fibrin-sheath, masses or vegetations adherent to the electrocatheter.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Parasternal short-axis mitral valve unconventional view displaying de novo fibrin-sheath involving the electrocatheter with an additional punctiform image.


Table 1. Literature Review of Case Reports of Corynebacterium striatum Cardiac Device-Related Infective Endocarditis
Ref.Gender, ageComorbiditiesCardiac devicesIE location (and other infected locations associated)TTE and TTE findingsCultures positive to C. striatumAntibiotic susceptibility testing reveling sensitivity (MIC, in µg/mL)Medical treatmentSurgeryOutcome
BC: blood cultures; D: in-patient day; F: female; IE: infective endocarditis; M: male; MIC: minimum inhibitory concentration; ND: not described; Ref.: reference; TEE: transesophageal echocardiography; TTE: transthoracic echocardiography.
[3]M, 73NDPacemaker (6 years before, with battery replacement 2 years before without removal of old electrode wire)Intracardiac lead and tricuspid valve (pacemaker sinus tract)TTE: normal; TEE: vegetations on the old electrode wireBC; drainage pusVancomycin (ND)1) Vancomycin (4 weeks); 2) Co-trimoxazole + rifampin (4 weeks); 3) Vancomycin (4 weeks)Yes (1st intervention: removal of pacemaker battery; 2nd intervention: removal of old electrode wire)Alive
[4]F, 71NDPacemaker (replaced 2 months before)Intracardiac lead (ND)TTE: mobile mass adherent to the intracardiac leadDeviceVancomycin (0.5)/linezolid (0.25)/daptomycin (0.125)1) Daptomycin 6mg/kg body weight (7 days); 2) Linezolid; 3) Daptomycin (4 weeks)Yes (8th day, device removal, and reimplantation of a new pacemaker)Alive
[5]M, 51NDPacemaker (7 months before)Pacemaker intraatrial lead (ND)TEE: vegetations intracardiac wireBC; devicePenicillin (ND)/gentamicin (ND)/tobramycin (ND)/erythromycin (ND)/lincomycin (ND)/linezolid (ND)/chloramphenicol (ND)/tetracycline (ND)/rifampicin (ND)/co-trimoxazole (ND)/ofloxacin (ND)/teicoplanin (ND)/vancomycin (ND)1) Vancomycin + ciprofloxacin (6 weeks)Yes (device removal)Alive
[6]M, 78Diabetes, chronic renal failurePacemaker (6 months before)Pacemaker intraventricular lead and tricuspid valve (spondylodiscitis D10 - D11 and epidural abscess)TTE: mobile masses adherent to the intracardiac lead from the tricuspid valve to the right ventricular wall.BCDaptomycin (0.064)/vancomycin (0.36)1) Daptomycin 10 mg/kgYes (10th day removal of electrode wires followed by re-implantation of new wires 9 days later)Alive
[7]F, 79NDPacemaker (7 years before)Pacemaker lead (ND)TTE: normal; TEE: normalBC; deviceND1) Vancomycin (6 weeks)Yes (pacemaker removal due to dysfunction)Alive