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Volume 13, Number 11, November 2022, pages 557-560

A Rare Presentation of Pernicious Anemia Manifesting as Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation


Table 1. Summary of Serum Analysis
TestAdmissionTx day 1Tx day 2Tx day 3Discharge1 week follow-up1 month follow-upReference range
A timeline of this patient’s objective lab findings was shown during her hospital course and at two subsequent follow-up appointments after the appropriate treatment was started. Tx: treatment; Hb: hemoglobin; MCV: mean corpuscular volume; Plt: platelet; LDH: lactate dehydrogenase; Cr: creatinine; PT: prothrombin time.
Hb (g/dL) - 16
MCV (fL)13810410610610810798.678 - 100
Plt (× 103/µL)76505068115548272130 - 450
PT (s)13.212.812.213.213.7
D-dimer (ng/mL FEU)5,564≤ 500
Cr (mg/dL)2.371.531.491.391.190.991.260.60 - 1.40
B12 (pg/mL)< 1501,345232 - 1,245